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  • Tour grade:
  • Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
  • Cycling days: 7 stages
  • Tour starts: Chiang Mai
  • Tour finishes: Chiang Mai
  • Accommodation on last day: Book a hotel
  • Total cycling distance: 669 kilometers
Included services: Overnights, breakfast, insurance, minibus with luggage trailer, repair & maintenance, bike jersey, drinking bottle 0.75 l, SBT backpack, electrolyte beverage and drinking water, fruits, tour pictures, five star all-round service.

Dates 2017

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Dates 2018

17. Nov / 27. Nov

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map with route Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao, Thaton, Mae Chan, Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Chiang Mai

North Thailand Tour to the Golden Triangle

11 days, 10 nights, 1 day of rest
7 stages from 70–157 km (44–99 miles)
Total 669 km (408 miles)


  • Chiang Mai, the cultural centre of Northern Thailand
  • Tiger Kingdom
  • Chiang Dao cave tour
  • Boat cruise on Kok River
  • Golden Triangle (Thailand, Myanmar, Laos)
  • Boat cruise on Golden Triangle, Mekhong River - Laos
  • Rest day in Chiang Rai
  • 669 kilometres total cycling distance

Description of Tour I: Chiang Mai–Golden Triangle PDF

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai - the Rose of the North - is located about 700 km (450 miles) northwest of Bangkok and is surrounded by jungle-covered mountains that rise up to 1500 m (5000 feet). In Northern Thailand, a Mediterranean climate prevails, resulting in an outstanding richness of vegetation. Several unique species of orchids and roses can be found here, as well as strawberries and numerous tropical fruits.
Chiang Mai hides treasures from almost seven centuries. It is Thailand's second city, and features over one hundred temples and pagodas within a delightful walled old town. Among its countless backstreets, travelers will discover restaurants featuring a distinctive local cuisine. This ancient trading stronghold is considered the centre of many sophisticated arts & crafts including woodcarving, silk weaving, embroidery, silver jewellery, furniture, pottery, and many more. In its world famous night market, these objets d'art are displayed on the streets after sunset. Chiang Mai is an ideal starting point for our biking tour across the fascinating Northern Thailand.  
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golden pagoda in buddhist temple
Goldene Pagode im Tempel auf dem Doi Suthep

1st day: Chiang Mai

Individual arrival and transfer to the hotel, where we will meet and spend the next two nights. In the evening we will gather for a welcome and orientation in the hotel lobby. You will receive all information regarding the tour and learn interesting trivia about our host country.
Subsequently you will be given a Siam Bike Tours jersey. During a traditional Thai Kantoke Dinner together, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other.

2nd day: Chiang Mai

In the morning we take a trip in our minibus to the justly famous temple Doi Suthep, which perches at 1050 m (3500 ft.) above sea level. 290 steps up the dragon staircase take you to the main entrance and to its centre, where the holy pagoda contains Buddhist relics.
In the afternoon we can choose to visit various arts & craft workshops that will give you an insight into the manufacture of silk, paper umbrellas and varnish.
Later in the evening the bikes will be set up and adjusted. You may use the rest of the evening to visit the nightmarket or simply enjoy the idyllic old town’s charm and exotic ambience.

two Thai dancing women in Lanna style outfit
Cultural performance in Northern Thailand's Lanna style
colourful paper umbrellas
A rich selection of paper umbrellas with plenties of themes

1st stage: Chiang Mai–Chiang Dao, 93 km (58 miles), 500 m (1640 ft.) ascent

With a short ride through the city we say good-bye to Chiang Mai (300 m / 984 ft. above sea level). After 12 miles of easy rolling we visit the outside of Mae Rim where the  Tiger Kingdom is located. We can play with the tigers in close proximity, take pictures of them, or watch the beautiful in awe from the restaurant. An undulating ride takes us through the jungle covered mountains to Chiang Dao.

Here springs the source of the Maenam Ping, the biggest river in the Chiang Mai province. The nearby Doi Chiang Dao catches our eyes, as it stands at an impressive 2175 m / 7135 ft. above sea level, making it the third highest mountain in Thailand. Nearby is the famous Dao cave (Tham Chiang Dao), which you can explore if one wishes too. Our comfortable resort is located in a stunning natural setting.

Martin and Rosita kneeling down in front of big lying tiger
An exciting visit to Tiger Kingdom
tour participants in flowstone cave
The famous Chiang Dao cave

2nd stage: Chiang Dao–Thaton, 102 km (63 miles), 610 m (2001 ft.) ascent

We carry on along the undulating road through the jungle covered mountains to Thaton, with some steeper climbs and small hamlets along the way. Ban Thaton is a little village in the very north of the Chiang Mai province, bordering Myanmar, and is located at 350 m / 1148 ft. altitude. The Maekok River flows from the neighbouring Myanmar and passes nearby and flows on to the capital of the province, Chiang Rai. 

Some hill tribe-villages are located in the surrounding mountains. The Wat Thaton temple grounds are perched  on top of the hills above the town. We will stay in a very beautiful resort directly by the riverside. You can choose to spend the afternoon relaxing, enjoying a Thai massage, a tour to the temple or a long tail boat cruise on the Maekok river.

long-tail boat trip on Kok river
Long-tail boat cruise on Kok river
people bathing and washing clothes in a river
Taking a bath and doing the laundry in Kok river

3rd stage: Thaton–Mae Chan, 72 km (45 miles), 785 m (2575 ft.) ascent

This stage leads us through a hilly landscape surrounded by rice paddies. We ride through little fruit orchards and idyllic hamlets. Outside of Mae Chan, a small road leads us a to a hill where the Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa located like an oasis in the middle of the forest, offering a breath-taking view.

The pure luxury of this estate, will make this an unforgettable hotel for us all - "where luxury meets nature" . We can enjoy the stunning landscape from the terrace after a refreshing dip in the pool.

swimming pool with sunbeds and sunshades at the hotel facility
Luxurious hotel facility in paradisiac nature
panorama view over hotel roofs of jungle forested hills and mountains
Panorama view of jungle covered hills and mountains

4th stage: Mae Chan–Golden Triangle, 70 km (43 miles), 140 m (459 ft.) ascent

Today we ride into the little border town of Mae Sai "The northern most town of Thailand", which borders Myanmar. We are greeted by a multitude of shops and market booths which sell cheap handiwork from Burma, and kitsch from China. From where we are staying, everyone can explore the city in their own time. This flat stage of our tour leads us to the infamous golden triangle. This was a key area of opium cultivation - and therefore heroin production and drug trade was rampant, notorious within Southeast Asia.

The name "Golden Triangle" derives from the year 1971 recognising the triangular shape formed by the three countries: Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Laos. The "Golden" most likely refers to the gold used by the Chinese as a currency for opium trading. Our hotel is located where the two rivers Mekong and Ruak join. Relax by the pool, enjoy a Thai massage or a river cruise along the banks of the Golden Triangle - your choice for the afternoon.

golden sitting Buddha statue at river bank
Golden Buddha at Mekhong river bank
view of garden of a hotel facility
Relax in the idyllic hotel facility

5th stage: Golden Triangle–Chiang Rai, 70 km (43 miles), flat

For the first few miles we pedal along the Mekong River towards Chiang Saen. We then turn and ride in the direction of Chiang Rai, passing an ocean of rice paddies along the way. Chiang Rai is the northern most provincial capital of Thailand. It is located 730 km / 454 miles north of Bangkok with an altitude of 580 m / 1903 ft. above sea level. 

The town is nestled in the midst of a splendid mountain range within the Golden Triangle. It lies to the right of the Maekok River, a contributory to the mighty Mekong River. We stay here for the following two nights in the luxury Le Meridien - Chiang Rai resort, and enjoy the magnificent estate.

cyclists group in front of farm fields
Heading to Chiang Rai
view from hotel of river with little brigde
Luxurious resort at the river

Rest day in Chiang Rai

The Le Meridien is the only 5* Resort in Chiang Rai province, and offers its guest's rooms that are both luxurious and stylish. The resort is located on in a huge estate directly on the Maekok riverbank and only a few minutes away from Chiang Rai. 

The hotel offers on request also trips to the surrounding attractions. Surely you are also able to explore yourself the thrilling region full of culture called Chiang Rai. There are a multitude of activities on offer, including spa therapy, refreshing and cooling off in the beautiful pool, or simply enjoying the beauty of the place.

panorama view of luxurious resort in Chiang Rai with gorgeous illumination at nighttime
The luxurious resort at the Maekok river with breathtaking illumination at nighttime

6th stage: Chiang Rai–Phayao, 105 km (65 miles), 315 m (1033 ft.) ascent

For a change, today's stage starts after lunch rather than after breakfast to make the most of this dreamlike resort. The bike stage is basically flat with a few undulating parts. We ride past countless rice paddies and through traditional hamlets. The city of Phayao is located in the mountainous landscape, on the banks of a 4 mile long and 2,5 mile wide Kwan Phayao Lake.

Phayao itself is quite far off the beaten tourist path, therefore only simple accommodation is on offer in this remote area. A delicious dinner awaits us in a restaurant located directly on the lake.

Farmers at rice harvest
Countless rice paddies in rural region
view of lake in front of mountain scenery at sunset
Pleasurable sunset at the lake in front of an impressive mountain setting

7th stage: Phayao–Chiang Mai, 157 km (97 miles), 1,650 m (5431 ft.) ascent

Today is our exciting King Stage, with a few longer, but not steeper ascents. We roll through the beautiful hills and forests. As we pedal through traditional villages, friendly locals greet us. The last 12 miles towards our final tour destination - Chiang Mai - are an easy roll. Here, we check into the now familiar hotel again. 

While enjoying our final dinner together, we raise a toast to the fantastic tour, and reflect on our experiences and impressions of stunning country. While enjoying our dinner together, we will toast to the fantastic tour we had, and reflect on our experiences and impressions.

cyclists group on mountain road with jungle forested mountainside
Wonderful forested landscape on the way back to Chiang Mai
Buddhist temple with white pagoda and golden dragonsnakes along white stairs
Spectacular temple guarded by dragon-snakes

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