Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son – Chiang Mai Tour E Mountain tour

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  • Tour grade:
  • Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
  • Cycling days: 7 stages
  • Tour starts: Chiang Mai
  • Tour finishes: Chiang Mai
  • Accommodation on last day: Book a hotel
  • Total cycling distance: 765 kilometers
Included services: Overnights, breakfast, insurance, minibus with luggage trailer, repair & maintenance, bike jersey, drinking bottle 0.75 l, SBT backpack, electrolyte beverage and drinking water, fruits, tour pictures, five star all-round service.

Dates 2017

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Dates 2018

3. Nov / 13. Nov

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Map with route Chiang Mai, Mae Rim, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Khun Yuam, Mae Sariang, Chom Thong, Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai

The “Transalp Challenge” in Thailand

11 days, 10 nights, 1 rest day in Pai
7 stages from 66–150 km (41–93 miles), Total 765 km (472 miles)
Daily ascents from 1000–2380 m (3300–7850 ft.), Total 12735 m (42450 ft.)


  • Chiang Mai, the cultural centre of Northern Thailand
  • Steep mountain passes
  • Stunning scenery
  • Different hill tribes
  • Climb to the highest peak of Thailand
  • Rest day in Pai
  • 765 kilometres total cycling distance

Description of Tour E: Chiang Mai–Mae Hong Son–Chiang Mai PDF

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai - the Rose of the North - is located about 700 km (450 miles) northwest of Bangkok and is surrounded by jungle-covered mountains that rise up to 1500 m (5000 feet). In Northern Thailand, a Mediterranean climate prevails, resulting in an outstanding richness of vegetation. Several unique species of orchids and roses can be found here, as well as strawberries and numerous tropical fruits.
Chiang Mai hides treasures from almost seven centuries. It is Thailand's second city, and features over one hundred temples and pagodas within a delightful walled old town. Among its countless backstreets, travelers will discover restaurants featuring a distinctive local cuisine. This ancient trading stronghold is considered the centre of many sophisticated arts & crafts including woodcarving, silk weaving, embroidery, silver jewellery, furniture, pottery, and many more. In its world famous night market, these objets d'art are displayed on the streets after sunset. Chiang Mai is an ideal starting point for our biking tour across the fascinating Northern Thailand.   
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Golden pagoda in Buddhist temple
Golden pagoda in temple on Doi Suthep

1st day: Chiang Mai

Individual arrival and transfer to the hotel where we will meet and spend the next two nights. In the evening we will gather for a welcome and orientation in the hotel lobby. You will receive all information regarding the tour and learn some interesting trivia about our host country.
We will also hand out the Siam Bike Tours jerseys to all participants. During a traditional Thai Kantoke Dinner together, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other.

2nd day: Chiang Mai

In the morning we take a trip in our minibus to the justly famous temple Doi Suthep, which perches at 1050 m (3500 ft.) above sea level. 290 steps up the dragon staircase take you to the main entrance and to its centre, where the holy pagoda contains Buddhist relics.
In the afternoon we can choose to visit various arts & craft workshops that will give you an insight into the manufacture of silk, paper umbrellas and varnish.
Later in the evening the bikes will be set up and adjusted. You may use the rest of the evening to visit the nightmarket or simply enjoy the idyllic old town’s charm and exotic ambience.

three Thai dancer in Lanna outfit
Cultural performance in Northern Thailand Lanna style
colourful paper umbrellas
Northern Thailand handicraft: manufacturing of paper umbrellas

1st stage: Chiang Mai–Mae Rim, 68 km (40 miles), 1500 m (4900 ft.) ascent

Diagramm, Höhenprofil, von Chiang Mai nach Mae Rim
Höhenprofil der 1. Etappe von Chiang Mai nach Mae Rim

After a short ride through the town, we bid farewell to Chiang Mai (300 ms / 1000 ft. above sea level). After about 20 kms (12 miles), the road slowly begins to climb, and wind through rice fields, plantations and mountain villages. We cycle through jungle and into an amazing hilly landscape before ascending to this stage's highest point at 1145 mts (3800 ft.) above sea level.

For the final 20 km (12 miles), we roll down through the valley of Mae Sa to Mae Rim where our hotel is located in a wonderful setting. Numerous opportunities await us for the afternoon including visiting an elephant camp, orchid farm, Tiger kingdom, enjoying a massage, or simply chilling out at the hotel pool.

Cyclists group in mountain scenery
Jungle and stunning mountain scenery
Tiger in pond
Excited about a visit to Tiger Kingdom in Mae Rim

2nd stage: Mae Rim–Pai, 125 km (76 miles), 1960 m (6300 ft.) ascent

Diagramm, Höhenprofil, von Mae Rim nach Pai
Höhenprofil der 2. Etappe von Mae Rim nach Pai

The initial 30 km (19 miles) take us on flat roads along rice fields, constantly moving towards the mountains. We then climb the four main ascents of the day ranging from 400 to 500 meters (1300 ft. to 1650 ft.) The winding road takes us across mountainous, jungle-covered landscapes, and through traditional villages. The highest pass lies at an elevation of 1439 m (4800 ft.)

Our stage ends in the small town of Pai, set in a beautiful Alpine valley. This region used to be famous as a transfer point in the opium trade. Content with our intense day of cycling, we will spend the night in a modern resort.

View of forested mountains
A long descent through mountains with lush green vegetation
four Thai children with traditional hill tribe outfit
Hill tribes with traditional clothing

Rest day in Pai

Pai is the perfect place for a day of relaxation. This cozy little town, located in a high valley, is well known for its laid-back atmosphere and music scene. The rest day offers you the opportunity to relax and take a massage by the hotel pool. Adventure seeking cyclists may prefer river rafting or a trekking tour.

Swimming pool with sunbeds in front of bungalows
Quite bungalows with swimmingpool to relax
View of rice paddies with palm trees in high valley
View of rice paddies at the high valley of Pai

3rd stage: Pai–Mae Hong Son, 110 km (70 miles), 2425 m (7900 ft.) ascent

Diagramm, Höhenprofil, von Pai nach Mae Hong Son
Höhenprofil der 3. Etappe von Pai nach Mae Hong Son

On leaving Pai, the road begins to ascend, giving hints of the climbs to come. At km 10 (mile 6), we begin to tackle the slope towards the first peak. At an elevation of 1443 m (4734 ft) above sea level, we will be rewarded with a stunning view of the mountain landscape. We then give our legs a rest as we enjoy the downhill, and build our enthusiasm for several more climbs along the edges of plantations and through mountain villages.

Our day's ride will end at Mae Hong Son, which lies on the Burmese border. It is home to the hill tribes of the Meo, Lawa and the famous “long-necked” Karen. For a long time, Mae Hong Son was completely isolated. It was not until the completion of the highway that this border town became connected to the outside world.

Cyclists group in lush green mountain landscape
Passing mountain villages through mountain scenery with lush vegetation
one long-neck woman of the Karen hill tribe
Women of the famous long-neck Karen hill tribe

4th stage: Mae Hong Son Khun Yuam, 66 km (41 miles), 1000 m (3300 ft.) ascent

Diagramm, Höhenprofil, von Mae Hong Son nach Khun Yuam
Höhenprofil der 4. Etappe von Mae Hong Son nach Khun Yuam

Before starting out on today’s shorter stage, we have the opportunity to learn more about the everyday life in this multicultural provincial town. Today's moderately hilly ride consists of three longer climbs of 200 m (650 ft.) each. We pass through jungle and enjoy the pristine scenery.

We stay overnight in Khun Yuam, a tiny traditional Thai village, in clean, modest bungalows. We will be wowed by the simple life and the friendliness and hospitality of the locals.

cyclists group passing flowers at the road side
Passing a sea of flowers
View of valley in forested mountains
Rural landscape of a wonderful panorama view

5th stage: Khun Yuam–Mae Sariang, 100 km (60 miles), 1200 m (4000 ft.) ascent

Diagramm, Höhenprofil, von Khun Yuam nach Mae Sariang
Höhenprofil der 5. Etappe von Khun Yuam nach Mae Sariang

Up and down once again, we pass plantations and plenty of tiny traditional villages. The road takes us Again straight to Mae Sariang. Again, members of various hill tribes characterise this place.

The Salaween River forms the natural border with Burma and invites riders to go on a relaxing boat ride. Our hotel is situated right on the bank of the Salween River.

golden and silver temple facility
Temple facility in gold and silver
two men in bike outfit and woman in traditional hill tribe clothes playing a panpipe
Meeting people of the local hill tribes

6th stage: Mae Sariang–Chom Thong, 146 km (91 miles), 2250 m (7400 ft.) ascent

Diagramm, Höhenprofil, von Mae Sariang–Chom Thong
Höhenprofil der 6. Etappe von Mae Sariang nach Chom Thong

The day's first climb begins shortly after the stage begins. At km 20 (mile 12), we reach the 1210 m (4030 ft) high pass after completing the 860 m (2800 ft.) climb. Several other ascents follow as we cross through the beautiful mountains, in and out the jungle.

Before lunch, we are rewarded with a 10 km (6 miles) long descent through a beautiful forest. We spend a relaxing night near the entrance of Doi Inthanon National Park.

Cyclists riding uphill within mountain scenery
Challenging slopes within beautiful mountain scenery
yellow rice paddies in front of Doi Inthanon
Rural rice farming with Doi Inthanon in the background

7th stage: Chom Thong–Doi Inthanon–Chiang Mai, 150 km (93 miles), 2380 m (7850 ft.) ascent

Diagramm, Chom Thong nach Doi Inthanon nach Chiang Mai
Höhenprofil der 7. Etappe von Chom Thong nach Doi Inthanon nach Chiang Mai

The last day of this Northern Thailand tour is the “Queen Stage”. We climbing to the top of "Doi Inthanon" to reach Thailand's highest peak. The road begins to gently climb as soon as we begin. After 30 km (18 miles) of riding, we pass a picturesque pagoda on the way to the final 10 km (6 miles) climb that takes us to the "Summit of Thailand" at 2565 m (8565 ft.) above sea level. Here we have time for pictures and to catch our breath before enjoying the downhill ride back to Chom Thong.

The last 70 kms (44 miles) are totally flat, as we leisurely roll towards Chiang Mai. Here, we can look forward to spending another night in our delightful hotel and enjoying a final group dinner where we may toast to a great tour and reflect on our experiences and accomplishments.

Pagoda on summit
Beautiful pagoda with stunning view
Cyclists group in front of sign
Smiling faces after a successful climb of Thailands highest peak

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