Siam Bike Tours is located at Choeng Thale, Laguna in Phuket and is Thailand’s first tour operator specifically catering for road cycling tours in Thailand.

Two former race cyclists Martin Brot and Kurt Schlaepfer from Switzerland combined their two favorites hobbies cycling and travelling across Thailand and started Siam Bike Tours in 2005 with the first road cycling tour from Bangkok to Phuket. From then on the amount of guests joining us has increased steadily.

All of our road cycling tours in Thailand last between 3 and 10 days. Our main tour, “Tour A” takes you from Bangkok to Phuket Island within 10 days. This wonderful coastline cycling tour covering 860 km / 534 miles is carried out more than 10 times a year.

Another 5 road cycling tours in Thailand are on the annual program. Customised tours are also available upon request, with tour information available at the Siam Bike Tours website.

The objective of Siam Bike Tours is to achieve the fullest customer satisfaction. Siam Bike Tours want to give you an unforgettable cycling experience and witnessing incredible scenery, savoring delicious Thai cuisine, immersing yourself in local culture and making friends along the way.

All of our road cycling tours in Thailand have specific daily cycling limits, which will be no problem for any trained cyclist of all ages. The speed and number of breaks along the way are determined by the group. A support minibus and trailer will transport all luggage, spare parts, wheels, tools etc. for the entire journey and water, soft drinks and fruit will be available.

Evenings are spent in carefully selected hotels along the route, most accommodation has a swimming pool, Thai massage, Spas or wellness facilities. Some hotels also have beach access for your enjoyment during rest periods.

For more information about our road cycling tours in Thailand please visit Siam Bike Tours.

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