Chiang Mai – Ayutthaya (Bangkok) Tour F Culture

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  • Tour grade:
  • Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
  • Cycling days: 8 stages
  • Tour starts: Chiang Mai
  • Tour finishes: Ayutthaya
  • Accommodation on last day: Book a hotel
  • Total cycling distance: 845 kilometers
Included services: Overnights, breakfast, insurance, minibus with luggage trailer, repair & maintenance, bike jersey, drinking bottle 0.75 l, SBT backpack, electrolyte beverage and drinking water, fruits, tour pictures, five star all-round service.

Dates 2017

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Dates 2018

3. Feb / 14. Feb

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Cultural highlights on two wheels

12 days, 11 nights, 1 rest day in Sukhothai
8 stages from 75–130 km (47–81 miles), Total = 843 km (524 miles)


  • Chiang Mai, the cultural centre of Northern Thailand
  • Elephant training centre
  • Rest day in Sukhothai
  • Historical temples Sukhothai
  • Historical temples Kamphaeng Phet
  • Historical temples Ayutthaya
  • 843 kilometres / 527 miles total cycling distance

Description of Tour F: Chiang Mai - Sukhothai - Ayutthaya (Bangkok) PDF

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai - the Rose of the North - is located about 700 km (450 miles) northwest of Bangkok and is surrounded by jungle-covered mountains that rise up to 1500 m (5000 feet). In Northern Thailand, a Mediterranean climate prevails, resulting in an outstanding richness of vegetation. Several unique species of orchids and roses can be found here, as well as strawberries and numerous tropical fruits.
Chiang Mai hides treasures from almost seven centuries. It is Thailand's second city, and features over one hundred temples and pagodas within a delightful walled old town. Among its countless backstreets, travelers will discover restaurants featuring a distinctive local cuisine. This ancient trading stronghold is considered the centre of many sophisticated arts & crafts including woodcarving, silk weaving, embroidery, silver jewellery, furniture, pottery, and many more. In its world famous night market, these objets d'art are displayed on the streets after sunset. Chiang Mai is an ideal starting point for our biking tour across the fascinating Northern Thailand.
More Information about Chiang Mai

golden pagoda in Buddhist temple
Golden pagoda in temple on Doi Suthep

1st day, Chiang Mai

Individual arrival and transfer to the hotel where we will meet and spend the next two nights. In the evening we will gather for a welcome and orientation in the hotel lobby. You will receive all information regarding the tour and learn some interesting trivia about our host country.
We will also hand out the Siam Bike Tours jerseys to all participants. During a traditional Thai Kantoke Dinner together, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other.

2nd day, Chiang Mai

In the morning we take a trip in our minibus to the justly famous temple Doi Suthep, which perches at 1050 m (3500 ft.) above sea level. 290 steps up the dragon staircase take you to the main entrance and to its centre, where the holy pagoda contains Buddhist relics.
In the afternoon we can choose to visit various arts & craft workshops that will give you an insight into the manufacture of silk, paper umbrellas and varnish.
Later in the evening the bikes will be set up and adjusted. You may use the rest of the evening to visit the nightmarket or simply enjoy the idyllic old town’s charm and exotic ambience.

three dancing Thai women in Lanna style outfit
Cultural performance in Northern Thailand Lanna style
colourful paper fans
A rich selection of paper fans with various themes

1st stage: Chiang Mai–Lampang, 124 km (77 miles)

After a short ride through the town, we bid farewell to Chiang Mai (300 m / 1000 ft. above sea level). We ride along the enchanting Mae Ping River before passing the city of Lamphun. After several easy ascents, we reach Lampang, our day's goal. On the way, we will visit an elephant training camp and watch the friendly animals at work.

Lampang is well known for its colourfully decorated horse-drawn carriages, and for its white clay pottery. Our hotel is conveniently located in the city center.

three elephants each with one guide and two passengers
A special ride at the elephant training centre
colourful decorated horse wagons
Colourful decorated horse wagons in Lampang

2nd stage: Lampang–Phrae, 103 km (64 miles)

This stage takes us through a jungle-clad mountain landscape. This stretch features plenty of minor climbs and rewards us with magnificent vistas of temples and stunning views of smaller villages. 

Phrae is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. It was founded in the 11th century as part of the Hariphunchai Kingdom of the Mon. In our hotel, we will spoil you with Thai massages and swimming pool.

two cyclists in jungle forested mountain landscape
Riding through mountain scenery with lush vegetation
jungle forested mountain panorama
Panorama view of green mountains

3rd stage: Phrae–Uttaradit, 75 km (47 miles)

We leave the provincial capital Phrae with its numerous old buildings, which were built in the typical teak construction Burmese. The temples recall the once mighty Lan Na Kingdom.

Nearby is Sirikit dam, rising to a height of 169 m (550 ft.) and spanning a width of 800 m (2640 ft.). The Sirikit dams the River Nan, creating a beautiful reservoir and picturesque scenery just upstream. Once we've arrived at our hotel, we may treat ourselves to another Thai massage and a dip in the pool.

4th stage: Uttaradit–Sukhothai, 115 km (70 miles)

The remainder of our stages through to Ayutthaya will be pretty much completely flat. We'll ride on peaceful low-traffic back roads, passing vast rice paddies, temples and quant villages to arrive at Sukhothai, a former capital of Ancient Thailand.

Here, we can look forward to a well-deserved massage and the amenities of our modern hotel.

Rest day in Sukhothai

On our rest day, we have a visit to the Historical Park Sukhothai on the agenda. In 1987, it was reopened after ten years of restoration work and is considered one of the most important Buddhist landmarks in Asia, as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is a sprawling complex with 16 Buddhist temples, 4 Hindu shrines, ornamental ponds, ramparts and trenches over a 70 square kilometre area. We spend the rest of the day with relaxing by the refreshing hotel pool.

historical park of Sukhothai
Old temple and Buddha.
ornamental lake with old temples
Ornamental lake with old temples.

5th stage:Sukhothai - Kamphaeng Phet, 87 km (54 miles)

Today, we pedal our bikes on historical soil across Kamphaeng Phet province. Its glory period was from the late Sukothai to early Ayutthaya era. The archeological sites in the city's historical park, both inside and outside the city's walls, are definitely worth a visit.

Before setting out on the sightseeing expedition, riders may spend a moment relaxing in our hotel's spa facilities. After sunset, a lively night market will draw our attention.

two white Buddhist statues and red-brown foundation brick walls
Archaeological sites at the historical park of Kamphaeng Phet
red-brown brick pagoda
A historical brick pagoda

6th stage: Kamphaeng Phet–Nakhon Sawan, 129 km (80 miles)

Today's ride takes us through a very picturesque landscape. Plantations producing a variety of regional fruits border our route to Nakhon Sawan, considered as the gateway to Northern Thailand. Four major rivers flow through this province: Rivers Ping, Yom, Nan and the famous Chao Phraya, the latter of which flows through Bangkok and into the Gulf of Siam, marking Thailand’s traditional centre.

The award-winning Utthayan Sawayan Park rests in the city’s core and is surrounded by a large lake, making it a popular meeting place. 

cyclists group passing street vendors
Numerous fruit vendors within easy reach along the road
farmers during water rice farming on a rice paddy
Traditional rice farming

7th stage: Nakhon Sawan–Sing Buri, 130 km (80 miles)

From our bikes we can observe farmers dressed in their typical round hats at their work in the fields, cultivating rice. We roll past traditional villages and countless rice fields. We stay in a clean modest hotel on the outskirts of Sing Buri, a typical Thai town.

Wat Phikun Tong is Sing Buri's most famous temple with the biggest sitting Buddha in Thailand. It is surrounded by a peaceful garden inviting visitors to meditate. 

cyclists group passing green forests
Passing green forests
three farmers load a lorry with bales of straw
Loading a truck with bales of straw after rice harvest

8th stage: Sing Buri–Ayutthaya, 80 km (50 miles)

Rice paddies, shrimp farms and fruit orchards line our way to Thailand's former capital Ayutthaya, which ruled historical Siam for four hundred years. UNESCO has designated it a World Heritage Site. Magnificent historical temples and ruins invite us for a visit. 

From our hotel, we have a wonderful view over the River Pasak. We can look forward to spending another night in a delightful hotel and enjoying a group dinner where we can toast to a great tour and reflect over and savour our experiences and accomplishments.   

old, historical temple remains
Historical temple remains
three old pagodas in historical temple remains
Archaeological remains of the temple of Ayutthaya

Departure day

If required, we can arrange a transfer to Bangkok City or Bangkok Airport. The journey takes about 1.5 hours to both destinations..

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