Royal Service since 2005 – Thai hospitality combined with Swiss quality

Martin Brot and Kurt Schläpfer
Martin Brot and Kurt Schläpfer

The story of Siam Bike Tours has began in January 2005 during a bike ride of the two Swiss cycling enthusiasts Martin Brot and Kurt Schlapfer. They escaped from the cold weather in Europe and were gliding through the warm tropical landscape. “Since our first visit to Thailand, the country has fascinated us and we have never looked back.”

Formerly known as the Kingdom of Siam, Thailand has something for every cyclist. It would be our pleasure to show you our adopted country, and let you experience the beauty of this tropical paradise.

The warm weather, the smooth roads, and the heartily smiling people welcome you to Thailand. Don’t forget about the highly praised Thai cuisine, and the infamous Thai massages, both available at fair prices along the various tours.

Countless returning guests share our passion, and it would make us happy to enjoy your tour of choice with you not just as a customer, but also as a friend.

With sunny greetings,

Martin and Kurt