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An unforgettable experience

All of our tours will be arranged into groups of 4 to 30 participants, guided by Martin Brot and his team. Tours are suitable for any enthusiastic cyclist in reasonable shape. Siam Bike Tours minibus will transport all luggage, spare parts, wheels, tools, etc. During all of the rides we will offer water, soft drinks and fresh fruit. If desired, any rider may complete the day’s stage by bus.

Maintenance service is free of charge, but riders will be charged for the cost of spare parts.

The group will determine the riding speed on any stage; faster riders may go ahead together, regrouping at selected refreshment stops with the others. During our tours it is mandatory to wear a helmet.

The nights will be spent in excellent, clean hotels along the route. Most of our hotels will have a swimming pool, Thai Massage and spas or wellness facilities. Some hotels also feature beach access. In places without any tourist development overnights will take place in simple but clean hotels.

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Our Philosophy

Siam Bike Tours' goal is to provide full customer satisfaction. It is our aim to give you a unique travel adventure with group rides on beautiful, smooth routes, cycling through rich and diverse tropical landscapes the whole year round. It is our belief that the combination of experiencing the culture, seeing the sights, meeting with locals, savouring delicious Thai cuisine, making new friends, enjoying traditional Thai massages and simply having fun and relaxing at our daily destinations will add up to an unforgettable experience.

The daily stages of the tours will be achievable for any fit cyclist of any age. The speed and number of breaks each day will be decided by the group. If a participant is feeling tired, they may choose to finish the day’s stage in our minibus.

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All Dates

13. May 2017 / 22. May 2017 Tour A: Bangkok‒Phuket
8. Jul 2017 / 17. Jul 2017 Tour A: Bangkok‒Phuket
5. Aug 2017 / 14. Aug 2017 Tour A: Bangkok‒Phuket
6. Oct 2017 / 19. Oct 2017 Tour A Plus: Bangkok‒Phuket
4. Nov 2017 / 13. Nov 2017 Tour A: Bangkok‒Phuket
4. Nov 2017 / 14. Nov 2017 Tour E: Chiang Mai, Bergtour
18. Nov 2017 / 28. Nov 2017 Tour I: Chiang Mai–Goldenes Dreieck
9. Dec 2017 / 18. Dec 2017 Tour A: Bangkok‒Phuket
13. Jan 2018 / 22. Jan 2018 Triathlon Tour: Zäck Attack Bangkok–Phuket
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