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  • Tour grade:
  • Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
  • Cycling days: 8 stages
  • Tour starts: Udon Thani
  • Tour finishes: Ubon Ratchathani
  • Accommodation on last day: Book a hotel
  • Total cycling distance: 873 kilometers
Included services: Overnights, breakfast, insurance, minibus with luggage trailer, repair & maintenance, bike jersey, drinking bottle 0.75 l, SBT backpack, electrolyte beverage and drinking water, fruits, tour pictures, five star all-round service.

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map with route Udon Thani, Nong Khai, Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan, Amnar Charoen, Ubon Ratchathani

Northeast of Thailand along the Mekong River

10 days, 9 nights
8 stages from 85 – 140 km (53 - 87 miles), Total 873 km (542 miles)


  • Fascinating sunsets at the Mekong River
  • Diverse, stunning scenery
  • Exotic villages
  • Temple "Wat Phu Thok" - Isaan's stairway to heaven
  • Khong Chiam - the confluence of the Mun and Mekhong River
  • 873 kilometres total cycling distance

Description of Tour H: Isaan Tour PDF

Udon Thani

The Northeast of Thailand is located on a huge plateau which comprises one third of the country's landmass. The Thais refer to it as  Isaan and is one of Thailand’s most fascinating featuring collections and artefacts from the stone and bronze ages. Important historic temples from the former Khmer Kingdom are located throughout Isaan. The inhabitants of this area mostly work in agriculture and are well known for their kind hearts. The Mekong River, the main artery of water in Southeast Asia, forms the natural border between Thailand and Laos to the north. The tour travels on lightly-trafficked rural roads from the trade town of Udon Thani, along the Mekong River, and into the "Emerald Triangle", an area where the borders of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand meet.
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Udon Thani

Udon Thani is the trade centre of Isaan and is 348 miles from Bangkok. Various airlines fly to this provincial capital on daily basis, making it a convenient place to begin the tour. The city was well known during the Vietnam War as an air force base.

Journey to Udon Thani

Participants arrive and transfer to the hotel individually, which is located in a park on the northern edge of the town. In the evening we will welcome all participants in the hotel foyer. They will receive information about the tour and helpful information about our host country. Afterwards our Siam Bike Tours jerseys will be handed out to all participants and the rental bikes will be adjusted to your size and specifications before the start of the tour the following morning.

Front view gold adorned temple with red roof
Gorgeous temple with golden ornaments
view of lake and city near sunset in the evening
Romantic view of the city at sunset
group picture of road bike cyclists on stairs
Highly motivated road bike group

1st stage: Udon Thani–Nongkhai, 100 km (62 miles), flat

After a short ride through the city we say farewell to Udon Thani. We proceed towards the north on rural roads, passing rice fields, plantations (tapioca, tobacco) and temples. Peaceful villages greet us along our route. After 43 miles we reach Tha Bo and get our first glimpse of the Mekong River, the Nile of SouthEast Asia. At this point, the Mekong, also acts as the border between Laos and Thailand. We will roll along the river to the border town of Nong Khai. Here, the famous "friendship-bridge", connects Thailand with Laos as it majestically spans the mighty Mekong. The distance to Vientiane, the Laotian capital is only 15 miles! Nong Khai is a well-known trading place, and is influenced by the French Indochinese culture, found its way across the Mekong from Laos. The local market, located directly on the riverbank, is known as a shopping heaven for products from both Laos and Vietnam. We will stay at a beautiful resort with a refreshing swimming pool.

illuminated concrete bridge over Mekong river at nighttime
The famous friendship bridge with shining illumination at nighttime
rice farmer bundle straw in rice paddy
The rural region shaped by rice cultivation
green rice paddy with high palm trees
Lush rice paddies with palm trees

2nd stage: Nongkhai Bung Khan, 140 km (87 miles), flat

At 96 miles, today is the longest stage of the tour. We enjoy the views of the Mekong River, our constant companion for the coming days. Looking across the river we can see Laos on the opposite bank. We pass countless rice fields and plantations as water buffalos stare inquisitively at our colourful group. Every village here has its own temple. Our stage destination is Bung Khan, a tranquil place on the banks of the Mekong.

colourful cyclists group on flat road
Our cycling group on its way on long, flat roads
a flock of water buffalos feeds on grass under trees along the road
Wondering water buffalos
fishingmen in boats on a river at sunset
Fishermen on the Mekong river at an enchanting sunset

3rd stage: Bung Khan–Ban Paeng, 85 km (53 miles), flat

We use the cool morning hours to visit one of the most interesting travel destinations in the Isaan, the  "Wat Phu Thok" temple - Isaan's stairway to heaven! We drive the 28 miles in our escort bus into the countryside before continuing on foot to the temple, which perches on a cliff. We follow adventurous paths over wooden foot bridges and gangplanks until we reach the peak. Here, we take in a breath-taking view of the surroundings. After lunch we cycle our next flat stage along the Mekong to Ban Paeng.

view of valley and forested rock
Stunning view of our destination, Wat Phu Thok temple
big rock on top of other rock
Interesting, cleared rock
visitors on wooden runway along a cliff
Adventurous wooden bridges and runways along the cliff

4th stage: Ban Paeng–Nakhon Phanom, 98 km (61 miles), flat

In the morning, the Mekong River welcomes us yet again to our stage. The scenery on the Laotian side is dominated by forested mountains. On our side it's rice fields. as cyclists, you will have difficulty deciding which side of the river is more attractive! The stage destination is Nakhon Phanom, a town idyllically situated on the river. The impressive temple "Wat That Phanom" is a popular pilgrimage destination amongst Thai Buddhists. We can relax at the hotel, which has an excellent view of the Mekong River. To help digestion we will sample a locally produced and nationally famous liquor.

Thai woman at wellness massage
Recreation by a relaxing Thai massage
gold adorned temple facility
Adorned temple with gold
temple roofs at sunset
Temple roofs under scenic sky at sunset

5th stage: Nakhon Phanom–Mukdahan, 105 km (65 miles), rolling

Gradually the profile of the landscape begins to change. The rice fields subside, and more hills and forests appear. We reach Mukdahan, another border town on the Mekong. Eight separate tribes from different cultures and origins live here together in harmony. A bridge connects Mukdahan with the little Laotian town of Savannahket. The town's exotic Indo-Chinese market is a must for shopping.

school kids with sunshades walking along paddies
Friendly greeting school kids
school kids with sunshades walking along paddies
View of the Mekong river from its bank
mountain panorama on the other side of the river
Impressive mountain panorama on the other side of the river

6th stage: Mukdahan–Amnat Charoen, 129 km (80 miles), slightly rolling

After 37 miles, we bid a wistful good bye to the Mekong, our companion over the last 5 days. We ride west into terrain that becomes gradually becomes hillier and lightly rolling, passing through forests and plantations to reach the city of Amnat Charoen.

cyclists group on country road through jungle
Winding road through forested territory
gold adorned entrance of a temple
Rich adorned entrance gate to a temple
closeup of plates and bowls with various Thai delicacies
An invigorating meal with mouth watering Thai delicacies

7th stage: Amnat Charoen–Khong Chiam, 131 km (81 miles), rolling / flat

In order to satisfy our desire to see the mighty Mekong once more, we cycle southeast to Khong Chiam. The little village is very well known, as it is here that the waters of the Mekong and Mun Rivers join. The locals call this part of the river "Mae Naam Song See" - meaning the two-coloured river.

Our resort is located directly on the bank of the Mun River in an enchanting landscape, with a view of Laos on the far bank. You can choose from activities including relaxing by the pool, kayaking on the river, enjoying a massage or just letting your hair down andsavouring the natural surroundings.

small canoe on wide Mun river
Diversified canoeing on the Mun river
view over water edge of the Mun river
The beautiful resort directly located at the Mun river
view over embankment of Mun river
A fascinating natural scenery

8th stage: Khong Chiam–Ubon Ratchathani, 85 km (52 miles), rolling / flat

We wave the last "Good bye" to the Mekong River. As a treat, nature has sprinkled our final stage with a few mildly undulating sections. The last cycle into Ubon Ratchathani is flat and is a pure pleasure to ride. Travelling towards the west, we cycle through tiny villages, along rice and cotton fields with open savannahs and mixed forests landscapes alternating in the background. In the last few miles to the hotel we have the opportunity to explore the provincial capital Ubon Rathchathani on our bikes. As is our tradition, we raise our glasses in the hotel to toast to the wonderful bike tour that we have completed.

10th day: continue your journey individually

After a final breakfast buffet you are once again at leisure. The nearby Ubon Ratchathani airport has daily flights on airlines such as Thai Airways, Air Asia etc., making returning to Bangkok or continuing on to other destinations within Thailand easy. For an extended journey within the area, we suggest a trip to Laos to visit the Si Phan Don (4000 islands). This magical delta of islands located in the Mekong just above its largest waterfall is an amazing area and remains a quiet destination, off the beaten tourist track.

cyclists group on long, straight road
Pleasurable ride on long, straight roads
cyclist group passing tour luggage trailer aside the road
Passing the luggage trailer to the final spurt
rice farmer working on water rice paddy
Scenic water rice paddies

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