Cycling Tour: Bangkok To Phuket

Bangkok To Phuket

10 Days807 km
8 Stages1 Rest days

From Beach To Beach

Varied coastal tour along the Gulf of Thailand and the Indian Ocean. From the City of Angels to the perl of the Andaman Sea.

Cycling Tour: Bangkok To Phuket Easy

Bangkok To Phuket Easy

11 Days608 km
8 Stages1 Rest days

The More Relaxed Way

The coastal classic with shorter stages, designed for those who want to make this dream ride a little more comfortably.

Cycling Tour: Phuket Roundtrip

Phuket Roundtrip

4 Days355 km
4 StagesNo rest day

Gems Of Southern Thailand

Travel to the karst peaks of Khao Sok National Park and the surreal landscape of Phang Nga Bay.

Cycling Tour: Chiang Mai Mountain Challenge

Chiang Mai Mountain Challenge

11 Days765 km
7 Stages1 Rest days

The Transalps Tour of Thailand

The cycling challenge for sporty mountain lovers: enjoy Northern Thailand's highest pass roads leading us up to 2565 meters.

Cycling Tour: Chiang Mai To Bangkok

Chiang Mai To Bangkok

12 Days845 km
8 Stages1 Rest days

UNESCO Pearls And Ricefields

From the “Rose of the North”, we travel through the fertile Central Plain of Thailand to the historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cycling Tour: Versatile East Thailand

Versatile East Thailand

11 Days823 km
8 Stages1 Rest days

National Park, Vineyards & Beaches

The journey takes us through the Khao Yai National Park and tropical vineyards to the beaches of Kho Chang Island.

Cycling Tour: Mighty Mekong River

Mighty Mekong River

11 Days873 km
9 Stages1 Rest days

Laotian Charm & Papaya Salad

We follow the Mekong, the natural border between Laos and Thailand, from Udon Thani to Ubon Ratchathani.

Cycling Tour: Northern Thailand - Golden Triangle

Northern Thailand - Golden Triangle

11 Days635 km
8 Stages1 Rest days

Thailand, Myanmar & Laos

We travel from Chiang Mai the infamous Opium, or Golden Triangle, through the jungle-covered north.

Cycling Tour: Magic Island Of Taiwan

Magic Island Of Taiwan

12 Days716 km
8 Stages1 Rest days

East Asia's Highest Pass Road

We climb the highest pass of East Asia (3275 m), marvel at the Taroko Gorge and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Cycling Tour: Phuket Day Tour

Phuket Day Tour

0.5 Days50 km
0 StagesNo rest day

From coast to coast

Flat and easy road bike tour from the west to the east coast. Stunning view over the Phang Nga Bay. Coffee Break by the sea.

Cycling Tour: Bangkok to Khao Lak/Phuket

Bangkok to Khao Lak/Phuket

11 Days752 km
8 Stages1 Rest days

Royal Coast Road and rainforest

From the Gulf Coast across the paradisiac Khao Sok National Park to the blue shimmering Indian Ocean.