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Completion of Contract

A contract is being completed between you and Siam Bike Tours (SBT) by inscribing yourself. The terms of the business of SBT are the basis of this contract. The person inscribing will be held responsible for the liability of all person inscribed by him.


Our services are being described within the present website. Any special requests or side agreements will only be part of the contract if confirmed unconditionally by SBT in written form.


Upon receiving SBT’s booking confirmation, you will have to make a down payment of 25% of the amount due. The rest has to be paid 6 weeks ahead of the starting date of your trip. If the payment has not been made on time, SBT may deny the booked services and claim processing fees.

Withdrawal by Traveler

The traveler’s withdrawal will take effect after a written withdrawal declaration has come in at SBT. The following cancellation fees will be charged:

  • 90 days before starting the tour: Admin expenses (Bank fees, any costs caused by cancellation)
  • 60 to 89 days before starting the tour: Deposit paid
  • 45 to 59 days before starting the tour: 50% of tour price
  • 15 to 44 days before starting the tour: 70% of tour price
  • 0 to 14 days before starting the tour: 100% of tour price

By paying a fee of THB 5,000 you may change your booking to a person replacing you up till 14 days before starting the trip. In addition to this person, you will remain fully liable for paying the full travel price towards Siam Bike Tours.

Change of reservation

There is no legal right to make changes with respect to the date of the journey and the destination after concluding the contract. If changes of reservation are possible and Siam Bike Tours agrees to them, the following cancellation fees will be charged. You have to alert us to this change in writing.

  • 59 to 45 days before departure: THB 10,000
  • 15 to 44 days before departure: THB 15,000

Change of Programme and/or Price

SBT reserves the right to change the catalog of services and prices/rates before your booking. If this is the case, SBT will duly inform you before the completion of the contract. Any increase in prices and rates may be necessary for the cost of transport or the hotel rates increase, or if the currency exchange rate is modified.

Minimum Number of Participants

All offered trips will take place at a minimum number of 4 participants. If this number is not reached, SBT may cancel the trip until 14 days before its starting date.


SBT is entitled to cancel the trip if by your acts or omissions you are creating a justifiable cause. In this case, SBT will refund the traveling price paid.

You are starting a trip but cannot finish it

If due to any reason you abandon a trip ahead of time, no refund can be made.

Changes of Programme, Failure of Service

If during the trip a change of program has to be made (e.g. due to weather conditions) that affects a considerable part of the planned trip, SBT will refund the possible difference between the agreed travel price and this of the services adduced.

Force Majeure

Any events of force majeure such as riots, catastrophes, epidemics, etc. may cause SBT to cancel the trip. In such a case SBT will inform you as soon as possible.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

A travel cancellation insurance is not included in SBT’s tours. Such an insurance may be contracted with any travel insurance company.


SBT is liable within the limits of its obligation to exercise diligence for all specified services. The traveler takes part in the trip at his own risk. Particularly, the traveler is responsible for his state of health, his road behavior, the observance of the traffic regulations and all other local regulations regarding traffic. In no case, SBT may be held liable for any physical or material damages, that the traveler may suffer or cause by practicing cycling, even when riding in an SBT’s group or with a guide.

Court of Jurisdiction

The Court of Jurisdiction is in Thailand.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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